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New Applicant

Post  Dreggo1 on Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:06 pm

1. Character Name: Dreggo
2. Cooking skill: 19
3.Jobs: 75 Pld 75 Mnk, Merits capped on crit hit only
4. Time Zone: East Coast
5. Sky Access, On COP 3.5 atm
6. Equipment: Full Adaman, Kirin Osode, Suzuku boots, Melee Crown, Wymral Adj, Ohat, Destroyers, Brown Belt
7. Equipment I want: Shura Togi, Byakko Haidate, Full Usuake Armor from Salvage, Full Mnk Relic, Dune Boots, Keong Armor, and Full Askar from Assaults Smile


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