10-26 Awesome Limbus for DRGs! XD and other stuff.

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10-26 Awesome Limbus for DRGs! XD and other stuff.

Post  Niya on Sat Oct 27, 2007 3:03 pm

The day started with beating the shit out of Xolotl, I don't know how often we got him yet, but he probably doesn't like us anymore since he only droped the hat.

After that we went to Faith, just like Xolotl we totaly beat it.

Congrats on the Torque domz.

Then we entered the main event of the day, Limbus, if we had anyone that wanted to upgrade DRG AF1 it would have been awesome drops, 2 times was the metal to upgrade DRG AF in a chest, just too bad we don't have any DRG. And once got the item for WHM. Congrats me. ^^

Next time more screen shots I promiss.

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