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Post  Scuzzelbutt on Wed Oct 24, 2007 11:16 pm

1) Character name: Scuzzelbutt & Scuzzabutt
2) Craftskill: 96 Cooking 14 Fishing Very Happy
3) Jobs: 75 DRK/NIN/RDM 56 BST Alt: 54 WHM
4) Time zone: CST
5) CoP and Zilart status: Completed
6) Equipment you have: Leather Gloves, Byakko Haidiate, PCC, Dusk Gloves, Vermy, Swift Belt. Brutal Earring, Supp, Ohat, Boxers Mantle, Rajas, Serket Ring, Ungur Boom, Senj, Genbu Sheild, Z Crown
7) Equipment you would like to get: Everything people are jealous of: Ridill, KC, Salvage Sets, NIN Torque in Sea, right now I want to grab Joy Toy asap.


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