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11-2 Kirin Empty 11-2 Kirin

Post  Niya on Sat Nov 03, 2007 7:25 pm

Today we decided to face Kirin for the first time, after a long time we didn't get any Byakko Seals since we didn't get any Despot.
His little pet gods were a joke, most were dead before they even used their 2hr, but Kirin was a hard nut to crack with only 12-13 people and some members leaving midfight or having to change job.

Just look at the drops though...
11-2 Kirin Img_20071103_055347
...it was worth it!
Congratulations to domz and me ^^

The spreadsheet for our LS drop list changed too here the new link: New LS Spreadsheet

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