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Post  Drucifer on Tue Nov 06, 2007 3:26 pm

After meeting all requirements, sign up on the forums and make a new thread here. With the following information:
1) Character name Drucifer
2) Craftskill 62 cooking
3) Job(s) Lv75 and merits. What you consider as your main job. 75 blm (partially merited) smn is 60 and i'm working on it now.
4) Time zone EST
5) CoP and Zilart status ZM: Need final fight against the little guy CoP: on 8-2
6) Equipment you have Nothing spectacular but nothing that is gimp
7) Equipment you would like to get. Maybe some aquarian abjs, eventually, i'm really poor though so it'd be a long time b4 i would need them b/c i cant afford cursed items so abjs would be a waste.


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