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Post  Finaldestiny on Tue Nov 27, 2007 12:15 pm

Character Name: Finaldestiny
Craft: None
Jobs: Pld 75 Chivalry has 1 merit and working, and still have 3 unused merits still thinking of where to put them geting more.
Time Zome: Central(I do work a full time job and get off @ 8 p.m every night besides tuesdays and thursdays and after that i am free for the night.)
Zm 15(need divine might still though ><), and Cop 4-2(Ouryu fight)
Equipment: Adaman Barburta, Gallant Surcoat,Adaman Gauntlets, Adaman Cuisses,Gallant Leggings, warwolf belt, Knightly Mantle,Shield Torque,Buckler Earring, Merc. Earring, Hercules ring, Chrysloberyl ring, Macuahuitl +1, Koenigg Shield, also have DD gear from war 61.
Equipment i want: Sky: Koenigg Head peice and hands, Hecatomb peices when i get war 61 up to wear them,(cant think of which peices drop from there.) Sea; boxers mantle, Brutal Earring, Gallant Leggings +1, Hauticlaire,Aegis from dynamis, Valor gauntlets, Valor leggings, Valor Surcoat.


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