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Post  Kira (Ca on Mon Dec 10, 2007 3:09 pm

I am a recent world transfer from Quetzalcoatl.
I have transfered here in order to be with a friend after coming out of a recent retirement from FFXI.

I have no real wants as far as items go and as of late the only thing I'm looking to do is finish up my relic weapon which is now at stage 3.

So being as I have yet to really know who does what I turn my attention to you all via comments throughout several players.

If that is something that you all as a whole are willing to agree with I would like to assist in what I can in order to get my face out there on the end game end of Leviathan.

I have finished all dynamis including extended. Attended all SeaNM with win including AV. All other event NM have been completed including Land Gods etc.

if any other questions arise please feel free to email me or message me in game.

Carta: 75: NIN, RDM, RNG
All Merits Complete.

Kira (Ca

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