well havent updated ina while

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well havent updated ina while Empty well havent updated ina while

Post  Domz on Sat Dec 22, 2007 11:19 pm

well havent updated ina while, alot of shit recently, few kirins,salvage runs dynamis and simurgh,Cassie and xolotl everydaylol Gratz to everyone who has gotten Cassie earrings,Trotters and Bkotes(lol people who cant even wear).Gratz Trea on BST feet lol and Ryan on War body. Gratz me and Trea on MAcha's Coats Back to back drops and Pako on Deimos's Body, also gratz to me on MAcha's Cuffs! got lucky with beastman kings today got Overlord and Tzee got both drops... Astral signa and Juggy gratz Thokk on Juggy and Balor on Signa on top of that we got another Amity cape lol so decided to get em made into Errant capes thx to pako(actually balor) got liek .2 off em..well havent updated ina while Untitled-4


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