sky raid 12/4/07

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sky raid 12/4/07 Empty sky raid 12/4/07

Post  Domz on Wed Dec 05, 2007 1:09 pm

WEll had a really decent sky raid all trigs + all gods in about an hour, all went smooth w/ our new whm and brd thokk and mush. beats the hell out of the 3 shitty whms we just recently "lost" lol, Anyways >_> did kirin tonight went alright for having 12ish Gratz Jo on W.legs(like 4/6 outa the last 6 kirins lol) and Bard's Cannions also Gratz to mort on Bard's Cannions and Dan on Altruistic Cape(kinda of a waste nobody even wanted it lol).
sky raid 12/4/07 Jocuis10


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