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Post  Schaz on Sun Dec 09, 2007 6:14 pm

1) Character name - Schaz

2) Craftskill - 51 Alchemy

3) Job(s) Lv75 and merits. What you consider as your main job.
75 Warrior (4 dbl atk, 3 axe, 2 gax, 2 zerk + agg, 1 war's charge, 4 STR.)
75 Red Mage (3 Enfeebling magic, 2 Convert, 1 Para II, 1 Blind II)
73nin, 49mnk, 44blm, 44sam, 40thf, 38whm, 38drk, 22smn, 20rng,
17brd, 17drg, 13pld, 5bst, 1cor.

4) Time zone - Eastern

5) CoP and Zilart status
CoP im on 3-3a and Zilart im on The Sealed Shrine (ZM 15)

6) Equipment you have
Warrior (all af1, no af2)
Weapons :Woody, maneater, joyeuse, byakko's axe, Brass Club.
Head: Turban, e.head, o. hat, kabuto
Neck: C. chain
body: Hauby
Hands: Thick Mufflers +1, Hecatomb hands.
Waist: Potent Belt, Warwolf Belt
Legs: Exorcist hose, E. legs
Feet: Creek M Clomps, Rutter's
Earrings: Assault earring, Fowling, Suppa
rings: Woodsman ring, ruby ring
Back: Amemet mantle +1

Red Mage All AF1 + af2 legs
Weapons: All Staves,
Head: Af1, Turban
Body: Af1, Chausable, Errant body
Neck: Beak Necklace
Hands: Errant hands
Waist: Al Zahbi Sash, hierach belt
Earrings: Moldy, Phantom earring
Rings: diamond rings
Back: Rainbow Cape

7) Equipment you would like to get.
AF2 for war,nin,rdm
Byakkos haidate
Shura, legs and head.
full hecatomb.

Just a person plug from me now...
ive been playing this game for almost 3 years now, i did have some fuckin awesome gear but i got robbed back in aug. so i lost everything. I know in order to get items i need to be here, if im on i will be there unless im not needed. hopin to here from ya soon!!


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